Xenophobia: 5 Neighbouring Nations Stops SA from Crossing Borders ( Video)

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In response to the heated xenophobia on foreigners in South Africa, some South African drivers have encountered difficulties in crossing the countryโ€™s borders to Mozambique, Tanzania, Congo, Namibia and Zambia.

A video trending on twitter, shows South African drivers being held up at border points by Zambians and Mozambicans.

Tyres were set on fire on a road connecting South Africa to Mozambique. It is believed that the obstructions were caused by those protesting against xenophobia in South Africa.

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Truckers carrying deliveries were targeted specifically by the communities, who had to be dispersed by police.

The attacks on foreign-owned businesses in Gauteng area of South Africa have sparked a tidal wave of reactions, with Nigeria, in particular, taking a firm stance against South Africa. The West African country had boycotted the current World Economic Forum event in Cape Town.

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However, the angered drivers from Tanzania, Namibia, Mozambique and Congo has warned drivers from South Africa will have to wait at the borders and employ the services of land owners to help them complete transportation of goods and services as they can no longer condone the immature and brutal ways of dealing with fellow Africans.

Watch video below:-

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