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INEC's Objection

Card readers strange to Nigerian law -Tribunal.

The Presidential Election Tribunal has said that the technological services such as card reader transmission are odd to Nigeria law and as such does not hold grounds to support petition.

The PDP and its presidential candidate, Atiku Abubakar, had challenged the results of the 2019 election won by President Muhammadu Buhari.

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One of the grounds for challenging the result was that a separate result on an INEC β€˜server’ showed that Mr Abubakar won the election.

INEC had denied having such a server. Reading through the section of the petition regarding the controversies surrounding the alleged use of a central server, the court noted that the PDP had said that Section 9 of the Electoral Act was amended in 2015.

β€œThe issue is: Can it truly be said that the section amended actually empowered INEC to transmit election results electronically?

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β€œThe court only has a duty to interpret the law.

The court has no power to amend the law.”

The court read out the import of the provision, stating that Section 22 (a) does not provide for electronic transmission of results.

The court then read through other sections of the law and added that β€œIt is undeniable that the transmission of election result is manual at different and all levels of the elections at different stages from the states to the national level.

β€œThere is no provision authorising the first respondent or any of its officers to transfer election results to any of the servers.

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There is also nothing allowing the first respondents to use the smart card reader for the collation of results.”

β€œI’m not aware that the card reader machine has replaced the voters’ register.”

Tribunal is still reading the full judgement at the time of this report.




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