Police Officer Changes Innocent Person For Drug Suspect After Taking Bribe


The former head of the Philippine Police, Gen. Oscar Albayalde, was identified in a criminal complaint by his own Force for a drug raid that he supervised six years ago.

Albayalde was Chief Enforcer of President Rodrigo Duterte’s “life” drive against drugs. He was accused of violating the laws on narcotics, corruption and falsification of records, perjury and forfeiture of service by investigators at the Philippine National Police.

In a 2013 raid in Pampanga, 13 police officers under Albayalde, who was then the provincial Police chief, seized 200 kilograms of methamphetamine but are accused of declaring only 38 kilograms of the haul.

It is alleged that they accepted a bribe from the drug suspect and let him escape, arresting another person to face the charges instead.

A former police officer testified at the latest Senate Committee hearing that Albayalde had said a small amount of drug traffic had gone to him.

Nevertheless, Albayalde, who denied the allegations, accepted his inclusion in the criminal complaint as an indication that he would be given due process in accordance with the law, he said in a message to reporters.

Criminal cases were already dropped in 2017 due to lack of evidence and a lack of probable cause, he said.

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