Church of Satan replies a Nigerian who wants to join Illuminati and become rich


Nigerian who wants to join Illuminati to be rich gets a reply from Church of Satan.

A Nigerian youth who wrote to “Church of Satan” requesting to join Illuminati and get rich quick has been hit with surprise reply which in turns becomes an inspiration on pursuit of riches and fame.

The Young Nigerian Man, desperate to get rich, decided to take a bizarre step by asking “Church of Satan” on Twitter how he can join the illuminati and the organization gave him an ‘enlightened’ reply.

The young man identified by his twitter user as @Alongeh2 tweted: “@ChurchofSatan How do I join the Illuminati?? I wanna get rich!”

However, the @ChurchofSatan Twitter account advised him to get rich by applying himself.

@ChurchofSatan replied: “Illuminati basically means “enlightened” so read a book, educate yourself and poof! You are now enlightened. As a bonus, educating yourself is also a good step towards getting a job which can lead to getting rich. Good luck!”

See tweet below:

Nigerian who wants to join Illuminati

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