Ghana Immigration Arrests Female Nigerian Human Trafficker


Ghana Immigration Service has arrested notorious human trafficker recognized as Chioma Sabina Abaraonye for supposedly trafficking teenagers, Nigerian women in Ghana.

Ghana Immigration Service has arrested a Nigerian lady identified as Chioma Sabina Abaraonye for allegedly trafficking teenage girl –

According to reports, Chioma Sabina joined the trafficking business five years ago and developed her own illegal syndicate With fake promises, she lured young girls to travel outside the country only to use them as s3x slaves for money A notorious human trafficker identified as Chioma Sabina Abaraonye has been arrested by Ghana Immigration Service for allegedly trafficking teenage, Nigerian girls in Ghana.

It was gathered that Chioma joined the business five years ago and has built her own syndicate. The suspect is said to have picked up young girls with a promise to employ them in a multi-million non-existent mall and a boutique she owns in the Northern Regional Capital of Tamale in Ghana.

However, upon reaching Ghana, she allegedly coerces them into prostitution and maltreat the girls, forcing them to pay her N6,000 every night after sleeping with men. Once the girls don’t meet the target, they are reportedly beaten up.

Reports also claim that Chioma force the victims to pay over N500,000 initially before demanding the daily target of N6,000 from them to be a part of her illegal operation. Some of the victims claimed that the alleged trafficker had them participate in a blood ritual and threatened to make them run mad if they revealed the secret of the organisation or tried to escape. Bound helpless, the victims did her bidding and struggled to survive

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“If not you won’t know peace. When we came, the madam and her Ghanaian accomplice called Sof took our blood, fingernails, and pubic hair. And told us that now that they have those things from us, if anyone reveals the secret, they will make the person Mad.” a victim said.

Chioma Sabina Abaraonye, though defending herself, said the young girls were begging her for assistance, and that was all she did. “They said they were looking for assistance, so brought them. And is it large deal due to transportation and food and lodging so charge them?” Asked Chioma.



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