Expert Applauds Buhari For Border Closure


Dr. Jire Ogunyemi, an economist, has called on President Muhammadu Buhari to stick to his border closure decision, saying that the border closure policy has created a formidable economic direction for Nigeria. He urged the president to consider the Nigerian people’s economic well-being over any consideration, regardless of global pressure to do otherwise.

Ogunyemi said the decision to close land borders in Nigeria has also exposed, “dangerous economic loopholes ” that are militating against growth and development for many decades.

The expert made this known while speaking with DAILY POST over the weekend, on alleged presidential order to reopen all land borders by January 2020.

He stressed that such move could be counterproductive and inimical to economic advancement of Nigeria, adding that the closure has started yielding positive results within a short time.

According to him, the policy has dual advantage of boosting the local production as well as creating employment for teeming unemployed Nigerian youths, asides helping to curb the menace of proliferation of small arms and light weapons.

Ogunyemi further argued that the turn of economic trends in Africa and parts of Asia calls for thorough and stringent monetary policy to survive.

“Any discerning Nigerian must support the presidency on this; the decision to close nation’s land borders for the purpose of saving our country from becoming a mere dumping ground is long overdue, it is a greatest economic measure Nigeria urgently needs.

“One can infer the inherent benefit of the closure from the recent testimony made by Nigeria Customs Service, where it declared that the accruing revenue to the agency has become triple since the closure.

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“Also there is an aggressive drive for local production of some goods, especially agricultural produce, in which more people would be employed and thereby cut down the rate of unemployment.

“The long-time effect of the closure will positively affect our internal security architecture, by reducing the proliferation of small arms and light weapons, which has aggravated insurgency and banditry in many parts of Nigeria.

“The president must consider this enormous advantage from closing the border against any other interest,” he presented.



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