Big Brother Naija: Reactions trails as Mike confirms Tacha’s Body Odour


Big Brother Naija housemate, Mike had recently said Tacha has a dis-pleasant body smell, at the dressing room after the pure bliss challenge,asking Khafi to inform her friend, Tacha, to apply deodorant.

He said, “Khafi tell your friend (Tacha) to top up ( apply roll-on),I said something to her but l don’t think she took my word.

“If anyone is musky in the house we should tell her. It shouldn’t be a thing.”

However, Omashola had also said that the odour was strong because she uses garlic to cook.

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Mike’s statement confirming Tacha has body odour has since stirred reactions from Nigerians on social media.

Some Nigerians have expressed disappointment in Mike for disclosing such in public, while others have applauded him for confirming that Tacha has body odour.

And Nigerians took to Twitter react:

First with the user @Homiebishop  said; “I still don’t want to believe that Tacha has body odour, Ella said it, Mike said it, Mercy said it, Omashola said it, Frodd just confirmed it but me I cannot believe. How can a slay Queen smell never.”

@Bluebar3245 “Smell or not, it’s queen Tacha all the way. Tacha for the money.”

@Lydaybubbles “This Tacha’s body odour must be serious oh. For Mike to say it, then it must be serious!

@Dafe9383 “Mike, if perhaps you told Tacha she got the odour and she ignored you could have told Khafi privately to relay the message. But then again, it’s a welcomed peppering.”

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@Adebayoyaya1 “Tacha of bbnaija Pepper Dem 2019 edition needs immediate medical intervention or else the other housemates stand the risk of being infected.”

@iam_mrchilling “If Mike said Tacha has body odor then it’s true. Mike doesn’t play with sensitive things.”

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@Flavour_twist “This means Ella was right; That Tacha has body odour? Or was that why Seyi was covering his nose on Sunday when she was talking? It may be the cream she uses or that makeup she uses to sleep or cos she doesn’t really take her bath sometimes necessary.”

@Debbybruno3 “Tacha’s body odour wouldn’t have been my issue if my favourite isn’t in that house. My favorite is in that house and he’s suffering that smell is disturbing him. Elozonam and Mike take heart. God will see you through.”

@shonsho_organic “Mike told Tacha first about the body odour she ignored him so since Tacha loves Khafi she will likely listen to her. Mike is an honourable man and everything is Love keep voting for Mike.”

@pliesshawty66 “Mike has tried to tell Tacha about her body odour issues but she did not want to listen. So Ebuka you up next, we are counting on you.”



  1. These is a serious insult how can they say my slay queen has body odour. But the is remains that they can’t say it in front of Tacha. Bastards


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