Biafra: How Igbos Were Massacred- Ojukwu’s Ex-Aide Finally Speaks Up


Bishop Obi Udezue Onubogu, former Late Biafran Warlord Aid-De-Camp, Dim Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu during the Civil War, disclosed what Ndigbo had to do in order to achieve the next Nigerian President in 2023.

Onubogu, who is the head of the Rock Family Church, also noted that Biafra’s rebellion in the South East had intensified because of the world’s inability to see how Ndigbo was massacred before and during the civil war.

He told Sun that as an ex-police officer, he has a first-hand information on how Igbos were killed in the north and railed down to the South East before the war even started.

“Both restructuring and the possibility of having Nigerian President of Igbo extraction in 2023 can only be achieved through dialogue. Ndigbo cannot do it alone.

“The people that think it is their turn should also come to the table as Ndigbo and present their case.

“We should try to win one another by explaining the importance of having our own to be in charge of the affairs of the country.

“In short, I am so deep into it that every situation that has happened in the country, I see the need to talk to the people concerned.

“If you don’t like the word dialogue, let me reduce it to discussing with the people; discussing with people who might even oppose your views, those that agree with you and those that may have a different idea about the pressure that we are all facing,” he said.

He continued, “It was a clr genocide. It’s not only that; the massacre in the North was genocide. People were killed and railed down to us here in coaches. Bodies were received here in Enugu.

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“I was a serving police of- ficer here, so, I can give you first- hand report or information about that. The world turns their eyes away from certain sensitive events in the lives of people because of their interests.

“Many nations in Africa suffered the same thing we suffered but they were highlighted and written about. I personally think that the world ought to know.

“The way to get things right and settled is to speak the truth about what happened. That you don’t teach history in schools means that certain things will be hidden away from the young generation.

“But, I will assure you that it can’t last forever. There will be a generation that will come that will unearth all these things and speak of it boldly. People who survived it are still alive.

“And even though the world does not want to talk about it or publish it or draw the attention of people to it, there are some publications already in circulation.

“I stand with the Asaba people who have chosen to draw the ev- erybody’s attention to the incident. They’re not celebrating death, but just pointing out an event that we should never allow anywhere else in this land to happen.



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