2023: Igbo’s Won’t Smell Presidency- Rochas


Rochas Okorocha, Imo State’s immediate past Governor, said that coming 2023, Nigerian must go for someone who has the ability to create jobs, manage the country’s affairs, and provide security.

The Sun also quoted Okorocha as saying that there is nothing called the Igbo presidency in Nigeria, adding that we have a Nigerian presidency or a Nigerian Igbo president

Okorocha, was also quoted by the Sun as saying that there is nothing called Igbo Presidency in Nigeria, adding that what we have is a Nigerian Presidency or Nigerian President of Igbo extraction.

Okorocha, who represents Imo North senatorial district at the National Assembly said it is possible for an Igbo man to become President in 2023.

He said, “Absolutely, democracy is about the people and the South East is not on its own. It is part and parcel of this country. And it is possible.

“I don’t think that there is anything called Igbo Presidency in Nigeria. We don’t have any of such nomenclature as Igbo Presidency.

‘What you have is a Nigerian Presidency or Nigerian President. What you will be asking would be what do you make of a Nigerian president of Igbo extraction. I think that is the question you are asking. That is the question.

“Absolutely, democracy is about the people and the South East is not on its own. It is part and parcel of this country. And it is possible. But it is possible with supports of other states and other ethnic groups.

“There is nothing wrong with anyone contesting elections for the office of the President, Republic of Nigeria.

“But we have come to a very crucial moment in our nation’s political history to say that sentiments of where you come from should not determine the position you hold in this country. Rather, we should start looking for people that have something upstairs and who can afford to bring about development and the dividends of democracy in this country.

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“You have a lot of them in Igbo land. There are many of them who can do that. So, you cannot just be a president because you want to be a president.

“If you want to be a president because you can guarantee security in this country, you can bring about harmonious co-relationship among the various ethnic groups in this country; and then you can put food on the table for the common man and create jobs for the youth of this country.

“This is what should be the criteria for the Nigerian President and not where you come from. Over the years, we have been in this tradition of where you come from as a determinant of what position you hold and that has not given us the best results.

“And so, we must grow above that and begin to think of people who have the capacity, the capability to handle the affairs of this nation and make it a giant of Africa that it should be.

“If it is on that note, I agree with everybody that we need a Nigerian President, but he is and should be for all Nigerians.

“The other problem is that we have permitted our primary emotions to dominate this country’s political climate most of the time and that has not yielded the positive results. Let’s look for credible people at this point in time, let’s look for someone, at whatever level.

“Be it at the level of local government, senatorial or at the level of government. Let the people who have the ability to create jobs deal with this country’s affairs. I believe in that.”

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